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Exclusive Beer range for

After a successful Market Place launch with Naked Wines, four exclusive beers were developed for the Naked Wines Angels.

The four beers were launched during the Naked Wines Winter Tasting Tour in November 2018. After many taste samples and receiving very positive feedback on the tour (which included events in Manchester, Leicester, London and Brighton), the beers are now available on the 'Naked Beers' website.

The beers are exclusively for Naked Wines Angels and can be purchased via their website, either as a mixed case or you can purchase a case of any one of the individual beers.

For more details on the beers, click on the label of interest below.

Vienna Larger_2.png
Pale Ale_2.png
Farmhouse Saison_2.png
British Pilsner_2.png

A new beer was brewed for the Naked Wines Angels for the April 2019 Beer Subscription box.