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James van der Watt - Founder & Chief Brewer

M.Brew; M.Sc (Brew Sci); C.Sci

James has 20 years of brewing experience and is a qualified Master Brewer through the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) and a Chartered Brewing Scientist through the Science Council (UK). He has been recognised for a number of academic and industrial awards, including the Young Brewer of the Year award from the IBD and Top Brewing Science student for his Masters in Brewing Science through the University of Nottingham.


The majority of his 16 years working for SABMiller was in innovation, looking at new products, technologies and processes in South Africa and in their global head office in the UK. He also designed, commissioned and managed the global SABMiller Research Brewery in Nottingham. James also ran his own beverage consultancy, Bevolution, that consulted on new products in Africa and Europe.


In 2017, James decided to follow his dream and started his own brewing company, Jabru BevCo.

In addition to Jabru BevCo, James supports the Institute of Brewing and Distilling by being a content author for the new learning material being developed for the General Certificate as well as the Diploma in Brewing. He also tutors current learners who are writing the Diploma exams.