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Celebrating Loved Ones

The JABRU Story

Jabru BevCo is a Guildford based brewing company, founded by James van der Watt.

The first brew was launched in June 2017. 

The name is a reflection of the Founder's South African heritage and is pronounced “Juh-Brew”. Jabru essentially means ‘celebrating loved ones’. It derives from the combination of “Jabulani”, which in Zulu means ‘to celebrate’ or ‘to bring happiness’ and “Bru”, which is slang for ‘brother’ in South Africa.


As a combination, it reflects what the company is setting out to achieve – quality beverages that celebrate the true meaning of life - those occasions with friends and family.

Our Flagship Beer


The multi-award winning Modern Pilsner!

The beer is brewed using an unusual hop method, but it delivers a low, yet smooth bitterness that balances the light easy drinking pilsner body. The use of five different hops infuses the beer with tropical fruit, citrus and floral notes.


Email: whatsbrewing@jabrubevco.com


Tel: +44 (0)7910 786 625

PO BOX 1537


AWRS: XWAW00000107885

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