WINNER: Beer Award 2017/18

Easy Pils

A golden pilsner lager, using a careful blend of selected Noble and aromatic hops in a novel cold-only hopping technique.

This allows the slow infusion of the hop essential oils to deliver a distinctive complex tropical fruit, citrus and floral aroma and a subtle bitterness to give an easy drinking balanced beer that pairs well with food and perfectly accompanies those relaxed occasions with close friends and family.   Download Tastecard ›


Tropical fruit, citrus and floral

Goes with:

Seafood, chicken and mild cheese


What's in a name? More than you'd think...
The origin of the name Jabru come from Founder James van der Watt’s South African heritage.

Pronounced “Juh-Brew”: Jabru essentially means ‘celebrating family and friends’. It derives from the combination of “Jabulani”, which in Zulu means ‘to celebrate’ or ‘to bring happiness’ and “Bru”, which is slang for ‘brother’ in South Africa.

As a combination, it reflects what the company is setting out to achieve – quality beverages that celebrate the true meaning of life - those occasions with friends and family.

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